Plainfield Park District

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08/26/2013 Emails for Garrett Peck, Janet Silosky, Peter Hurtado, Peter Steinys from July 22nd, 2013 through August 12.2013
09/09/2013 Emails for Doug Booth from May 6th, 2013 through August 23.2013 LARGE File
10/05/2013 Electronic copy of all W2 forms for all employees of the Normantown Trails Equestrian Center (2011/2012).
Electronic copy of the job descriptions for the Director, Maintenance staff and barn help at Normantown Trails Equestrian Center.
Electronic copy of the NTEC employee handbook.
10/22/2013 List of all employee compensation and expense reports for Gregory Bot including but not limited to salary, benefits, expenses, and expense reports including but not limited to reimbursement of travel and meals for 2011, 2012, 2013.
10/22/2013 All information regarding the boards decision to grant Gregory Bott early retirement and convert 3 years of expenses that were for a car allowance into salary, to include but not limited to board minutes, discussions, agendas, emails, memorandums, etc. Also please provide a listing of any checks or other compensation the park district has incurred or dispersed in relation to Gregory Botts early retirement. Preferably please include copies of any checks or at a minimum each checks account number, check number, payee, and amount.
11/04/2013 Current salary of all management staff and full time employees. Health insurance costs and percentage paid by district for employees and management. All current collective bargaining agreements.
11/06/2013 Copies of current mowing bid, locations, cost, requirements of contract. Names and prices from all bidders on last contract.
11/07/2013 Documents pertaining to the property involved in the St. John Church land lease and donation. Specifically 1) cost estimates for park development 2) Grant application schedules with this park property listed. 1) Denied
2) No Documents
11/18/2013 Copy of the ordinance/resolution authorizing the Park District name change and the filing date with the County Clerk per Statute (70 ILCS 1205/8-9) from Ch. 105, par. 8-9 No Documents
11/21/2013 Certified Payroll for a company by the name of Toms Asphalt Services that did sealcoating for the Park District in 2012. (Entire project) Bid tabulation for the sealcoating project in 2012. Certified payroll for a company by the name of Toms Asphalt that did sealcoating for the Park District in any other time prior to 2012. (Entire project) Bid tabulations for projects prior to 2012.
11/22/2013 Any employment agreements or documentation of compensation between the Park District and Doug Booth. Former park director Greg Botts contract, including documentation of the dollar amount of his most recent annual salary. Purchase documents for vehicles recently purchased by the Park District.
12/09/2013 Copies of email between Peter Hurtado and Susie Carlman for June 24, 2013; Copies of emails between Peter Hurtado and Michelle Kelly from July 10, 2013 to present; and Copies of emails sent directly to Peter Hurtado from Mary Ludemann from April 2013 to present.
12/26/2013 Notice of all Plainfield Township Park District Meetings
12/27/2013 Completed staff/interview survey/report from May and/or June 2013, done by GMT (3rd party consulting firm). All related scope of work and payment information (checks paid or outstanding, contract/work agreement) for the survey/interview compilation and report. Contact information for GMT (contractor).
12/30/2013 A copy of the scope of work that was used to solicit bids for the pool building repair/renovation projects that have been initiated since May 2013; the proposals submitted by all of the bidders for that work; a list of the qualifications of the successful bidder; whether mold mitigation was undertaken and the qualifications of the personnel who undertook that work; a copy of the signed contracts for each project; a list of similar projects performed by the successful bidder; the list of references that were submitted by the successful bidder; a status on the work completed to date; and a copy of the prevailing wage certification for the contractors used.